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 Tenatative Lance

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Web Dev
Web Dev

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PostSubject: Tenatative Lance   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:49 pm

<S> Greetings everyone.

I need everyone here to give me their general location, (U.S., European, etc) so I can start to form folks into tentative lances by their region. I want to try and make sure that folks usually have at least a few other people to play with during normal play hours.

I also need people to start to consider what sort of role they're going to try and start out as (Commander, Attacker, Defender, or Recon) so I can try to make each lance it's own stand alone force.

Ideally I'd like to try to adhere to the following structures: (Working off the concept that our company or larger force would be a sub section of the Death's Head Brigade known as "The Dogs of War", this concept subject to change if people think it's stupid or don't like it )

General Lance: 1 recon, 1 defender, 1 attacker, 1 commander (Guardian Lance)

Recon Lance: 2 Recon, 1 defender, 1 commander (Pointer Lance) - This works in tandem with Hound

Fire Lance: 1 defender, 2 attackers, 1 commander (Hound Lance) - This works in tandem with Pointer

Command Lance: 1 recon, 2 defenders, 1 commander (Shepherd Lance)

These are the general 4 man organizations that seem to make sense to me, of course there are variations on the 4 man set up that we can work on, but I'm also going to touch on a concept that few people are probably aware of.

Is anyone here familiar with what is known in battletech as a "reinforced lance"?

It's a lance consisting of not four, but six 'mechs. I want to be able to utilize this formation, as the game being a 12 on 12 format, it would help us formulate a more cohesive force with a smaller, but more focused command structure.

Here's my idea.

Reinforced Lance: 2 Recon, 3 Attackers, 1 Commander

Reinforced Lance: 1 Recon, 1 Attacker, 3 Defenders, 1 Commander

This set up gives us a balanced force, and while we don't have three commanders, we're organized to work as a full 12 man team more effectively in my view.

That's my thoughts on this matter.

Please let me know your general locales and your role preference so I can start to work on what lances are what.

Edit: The most current (tentative) lance organization as of 4/30/2012:


Quote :
E.U./U.K. Company Formations

U.K. Lance 1:

Commander - [DHB] Uhtredd - Major
Defender - GD26 ([DHB]GeeDee) - Captain
Defender - FrenziedMaggot ([DHB]FrenzyM) - Sergeant
Defender - DrnkJawa ([DHB]DrnkJawa) - Corporal

E.U./U.K. Lance 2:

Recon - Logi ([DHB]Logi) - Captain
Attacker - MasterDHawk ([DHB]MasterDHawk) - Master Sergeant
Attacker - [DHB]Malagoth - Sergeant
Attacker - Blue Tiger ([DHB]BlueTiger) - Corporal

E.U./U.K. Lance 3:

Commander - Countdownboy ([DHB]Countdown) - Lieutenant
Defender - McNik ([DHB]McNik) - Master Sergeant
Recon - Wingit ([DHB]Wingit) - Sergeant
Attacker - Trantor ([DHB]Trantor) - Corporal

E.U./U.K. Lance 4:

Commander: - Renoblade - Captain
Recon/Attacker - Romiah ([DHB]Romiah) - Sergeant
Recon/Attacker - [DHB]Warwolf - Corporal
Recon/Attacker/Defender - To Be Determined

U.S. Company Formations

First Company:

U.S. Lance 1: - Alpha Lance - "Pale Riders"

Commander/Attacker - [DHB]Havoc - Colonel
Attacker/Defender - xMORGANAx ([DHB]xMORGANAx) - Lt. Colonel
Recon - [DHB]Wolfpack - Captain
Attacker/Defender/Recon - [DHB]Patch - Lieutenant

U.S. Lance 2: - Beta Lance

Commander/Attacker - Darktreader ([DHB]Darktreader) - Captain
Attacker/Defender - Soulfire ([DHB]Soulfire) - Lieutenant
Attacker/Defender - Stormblast ([DHB]Stormblast) - Sergeant
Recon/Attacker - [DHB]Vaylen - Corporal

U.S. Lance 3: - Delta Lance "The Gravediggers"

Attacker/Commander - [DHB]Kane - Major
Attacker - Corwin Maxwell ([DHB]Reaper) - Captain
Defender - Sarah D. ([DHB]Big O) - Lieutenant
Recon/Attacker - Magnificent Bastard ([DHB]MB) - Sergeant

Second Company:

U.S. Lance 4: - Epsilon Lance

Commander - Mason Grimm ([DHB]Mason Grimm) - Lt. Colonel
Attacker: - Zekester81 ([DHB]Zekester81) - Leutenant
Recon - FinnMcKool ([DHB]FinnMcKool) - Sergeant
Attacker/Defender - Killhunger ([DHB]Killhunger) - Corporal

U.S. Lance 4: - Gamma Lance

Commander/Recon - T0RC4ED - ([DHB]T0RC4ED) - Captain
Recon/Attacker - Irishwarrior ([DHB]Irishwarrior) - Lieutenant
Attacker - WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot ([DHB]Whiskey) - Master Sergeant
Attacker/Defender - Prosperity Park ([DHB]Prosperity Park)- Sergeant

U.S. Lance 6: - Omega Lance

Attacker/Defender - MightyM ([DHB]MightyM) - Sergeant
Attacker/Defender - [DHB]Germ - Corporal
Recon - Slim Pickings ([DHB]SlimPickings) - Corporal
Defender - Wriddle ([DHB]Wriddle) - Corporal

Third Company:

U.S. Lance 7: - Sigma Lance

Commander/Defender - Barantor ([DHB]Barantor) - Major
Attacker/Defender - Axis ([DHB] Axis) - Captain
Recon/Attacker - Vladimarous ([DHB] Vladiamarous) - Sergeant
Attacker/Defender - Riptor ([DHB] Riptor) - Corporal

U.S. Lance 8 - Rho Lance

Recon/Attacker - Ruukil ([DHB] Ruukil) - Lieutenant
Recon/Attacker - Whiskers ([DHB] Whiskers) - Sergeant
Attacker/Defender/Recon - To Be Determined
Attacker/Defender/Recon - To Be Determined

U.S. Lance 9 - Eta Lance

Attacker/Defender - Syvarris ([DHB] Syvarris) - Lieutenant
Attacker/Defender - Antisqueaker ([DHB] Antisqueaker) - Sergeant
Attacker/Defender - Sleepybean ([DHB] Sleepybean) - Corporal
Attacker/Defender - To Be Determined

Fourth Company:

U.S. Lance 10: - Zeta

Attacker/Defender - Zer0megaxx ([DHB]Zer0megaXX) - Sergeant
Attacker - [DHB]Thor Grimm - Corporal
Attacker/Defender - Syris ([DHB]Syris) - Corporal
Recon/Attacker - FrozenWaltDisney ([DHB]FrosenWD) - Corporal

U.S. Lance 10: - Phi

Defender/Attacker - Felix Dante ([DHB]Felix Dante - Sergeant
Recon/Attacker - That1Fail ([DHB]That1Fail) - Corporal
Attacker/Defender - Mindkillr ([DHB]Mindkillr) - Corporal
Attacker - [DHB]Gungrave666 - Corporal

U.S. Lance 12: - Omicron

Attacker/Defender/Recon - Panzer ([DHB]Panzer) - Corporal
Attacker - Dark Dragon 110 ([DHB]DarkDragon) - Corporal
Attacker/Recon - [DHB]Carlyle - Corporal
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Kyndalas ([DHB]Kyndalas) - Corporal

Reserve Lances: Pilots who will fill in when needed due to limited play
time and/or availability or who are waiting for more pilots to create a full 4 man lance.
Or they haven't told me their location or role preference.

Attacker/Defender/Recon - AJMBlazer ([DHB]AJMBlazer)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Tatsuo ([DHB]Tatsuo)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Ladimischief ([DHB]Ladimischief)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Krom ([DHB]Krom)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Gumby ([DHB]Gumby)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - RobJ ([DHB]RobJ)
Attacker/Defender/Recon - Viper ([DHB]Viper)
Attacker/Defender - DHB_Makiaveli - (Requested reserve, work + kids = priority)
Attacker - HerpDerpMerp (DHB_Creed) - (Awaiting his information for lance placement)
Recon/Attacker - SoulShotSniper (DHB_Shooter) (About to join the USMC! Good luck, Sniper, we're cheering for you here!) -
Attacker/Defender/Recon/Commander (U.K./E.U.) - deVillar (DHB_deVillar) -

Austrailian Pilots:
Recon - Durz - (Awaiting more aussies to create a lance, or placement in a U.S. Lance on a temporary basis)

<S> See y'all soon.


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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:05 pm

By the way, will be happy if you'll assign me in U.K/E.U. Company, Lance 4. I'll gladly take attacker role.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:04 am

<S> Morgana

I'm in Michigan (edt) usually avaliable 9am to 3pm.

Would like to start in the attack/defend role. planning on useing the atlas and the catapult for this,close in and long range.After a while would like to add the scout hunter/recon probably with a dragon.

but as always.....I am at your command Very Happy

GDL Whiskey cheers
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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Posts : 58
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Location : michigan

PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Wed May 02, 2012 7:35 pm

MMMMM....... Master Sargeant , not sure I can live up to that.
( lack of practice and all )

I'll give it my best shot <S>
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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Sat May 05, 2012 6:48 pm

<S> FrozenWaltDisney

I play late USTZ because I live on pacific TZ.

I prefer scout, but can also be attacker / defender.
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[DHB] Havoc
[DHB] Havoc

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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Fri May 11, 2012 6:29 am

Updated the roster organization.

Also, Frozen: I'll try and catch up with you soon and get you plugged in. Can you be around on teamspeak in the afternoon today?

Just checking. I'll talk to you soon I hope sir.




Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War
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Location : Dropship Command

PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Fri May 11, 2012 2:04 pm

Well I am PST, and I work till about 6pm unfortunately... so not sure if I will be on at this afternoon, but more later tonight. I usually have a few RL obligations right after work, but I will try to get on as soon as I can.

On a side note I was able to get all 5 of my monitor running on my new rig. Hopefully multi-monitor support will be available for MWO.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   Mon May 14, 2012 2:37 am

I'm Eastern time zone, and I think im best suited as an attacker/harasser.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenatative Lance   

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Tenatative Lance
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